Tutco SureHeat Air Heaters – process heat for professional and industrial applications

Tutco SureHeat (formerly the process heat division of Osram Sylvania, Inc.) manufactures high performance air heaters to process heat for many critical professional and Industrial applications. Products include Hot Air Tools; Serpentine Heaters; Threaded In-Line Heaters; and Skorpion Heat Guns. With more than 200 variations of catalog products available, Tutco SureHeat air heaters are used in aerospace, automotive, industrial, electronic, food, medical, packaging, plastic, pharmaceutical, printing, and numerous other applications world-wide. At the core of each Tutco SureHeat air heater are serpentine elements designed for efficient transfer of energy from the heater to the gas stream passing through the heater.  The result is compact and efficient air heaters that respond rapidly and maintain steady temperature.

With proper control, Tutco SureHeat air heaters are capable of maintaining temperatures +/- 1 Degree F.  It is possible to heat air to 1400 Deg F with one heater, 1500 Deg F with two heaters in series (as measured at exit of heater).  Tutco SureHeat air heaters can accomplish these temperature because of a high efficiency element winding at the core of each heater.Heaters are constructed to handle a variety of pressures – up to 150 psig.  Some heaters have a low pressure drop, and can be used for high volume air sources (blowers), other heaters are more compact units with greater heat transfer efficiency but greater pressure drop, for use with compressed gas sources.

If standard Tutco SureHeat air heaters don’t meet your needs, Dynamic Electronics, in conjunction with Tutco SureHeat can work to develop a custom engineered solution for your unique application.Dynamic Electronics is an exclusive stocking representative for Tutco SureHeat air heaters.

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