Tutco Heaters

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(Tutco SureHeat Series I, II, III Heater)

General purpose compact electric air heaters using Serpentine wire heating elements within a Quartz open-end, or nozzle for spot-heating applications. Contact Dynamic Electronics for more options and further pricing.

Compatible Heater Controls

Series III Heaters (F017575) 1450W 135V

    Series III Heaters (F017558) 2050W 160V

    The Series I, II, III, Tutco SureHeat air heaters use Serpentine wire heating elements within a Quartz open-end (Style A) or nozzle (Style B) for spot-heating applications. The Series products are typically powered by open-loop ( manual ) power controllers. The air inlet is a high temperature silicone rubber adapter with male spade power connectors and a ground. Mounting in existing or new equipment is made easy by the included bracket.


    Additional Info

    Stainless Steel outer shields available

    Minimizing Series Element Failures

    • Always ensure air is flowing before powering the heating element
    • Slowly regulate the ramp up time using the potentiometer to control AC voltage
    Part NumberStyleMax Temp InMax Temp OutSCFM Min SCFM Max TempMax PressurePowerVoltageAmpsLength "A"Diameter "B"
    F017558A120°F1600°F2 SCFM9 SCFM7 psi2050W160V12.81A6.88" (175mm)0.59" (15mm)
    F017575B120°F1600°F2 SCFM10 SCFM7 psi1450W135V10.74A7.88 (200mm)0.59" (15mm)