F075615 1.5KW 120V
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Tutco SureHeat’s SKORPION Air Heater are air temp controllable up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.  A complete heater includes blower and control unit, but all units are available without blower for use with customer supplied air source via 1″ FNPT filling. The product is ready to plug in and use. The heater features a convenient digital display shows the current operating temperature and built-in over-temperature protection. Models are available without the blower for use with customer supplied air source. Recommended minimum airflow is 2 SCFM/60 SLPM. The Tutco Sure Heat F075615 features 1.5KW & 120V. SKORPION Air Heaters come with a two-year limited warranty.



Part NumberStyleMax Temp InMax Temp OutSCFM Min TempPowerVoltageAmps
F075615200°F1400°F2 SCFM1.5kW120V12.5A
F075616200°F1400°F2 SCFM3kW230V12.5A
F075835Without Blower200°F1400°F2 SCFM3kW230V20A
F075869Without Blower200°F1400°F2 SCFM1.5kW120V12.5A
F076008200°F1400°F2 SCFM4.5kW230V20A
F076029Without Blower200°F1400°F2 SCFM3kW230V20A