Serpentine Triple Pass Heater F029767

F029767 - Tutco SureHeat Serpentine II, VI, Triple Pass Heater
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The Tutco SureHeat F029767 3.6kW; 240V; 15A; 8.20″(208mm); 0.63″(16mm)

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The Serpentine Triple Pass heaters are modular field replaceable products. The heater unit consists of a Serpentine-coil electric heater element that fits into a stainless steel “triple-pass” exchanger housing and makes electrical connections through fittings pressed into the base. The housing uses the incoming air to cool the outer shell prior to passing through the heater element. This minimizes radiant heat loss and provides a safe-to-the-touch product to minimize injury to operators who come in contact with the heater.


Additional Info

  • Always ensure air is flowing before powering the heating element
  • Regulate the ramp up time using the potentiometer to control the AC voltage
  • Requires a temperature controller with 100ms cycle time
  • Temperatures are measured by 3/16” “K” T/C sensor Part #039272 mounted inside TC holder #040299
  • TC Holder mounted on exit of #F057088 Housing Assembly
  • Use of other sensor types and mounting locations can result in heater damage
  • Minimum airflow for accurate control is 60 SCFH
  • Maximum air temperature is 1500°F (815°C) *3.6kW, 2-Stage F060418
  • Operating above this curve voids the product warranty
  • CE, RoHS
SelectionCartPart NumberMax Temp InMax Temp OutSCFM Min SCFM Max TempMax PressurePowerVoltageAmpsLength "A"Diameter "B"
FALSECartF029765200°F1400°F1 SCFM4 SCFM25 psi2.0kW240V8A8.20"(208mm)0.63" (16mm)
FALSECartF029766200°F1400*F1 SCFM4 SCFM25 psi2.8kW240V12A8.20"(208mm)0.63" (16mm)
FALSECartF029767200°F1500°F1 SCFM6 SCFM25 psi3.6kW240V15A8.20"(208mm)0.63" (16mm)
FALSECartF060418200°F1500°F1 SCFM6 SCFM25 [si3.6kW (2-stage)240V15A8.63"(219mm)0.63" (16mm)