Since its inception in 1978, TUTCO has been and continues to be the leading innovator in the electric open coil heating industry. TUTCO has accomplished this leadership role by ensuring that its technical development efforts and sales effort are coordinated with marketplace needs.

TUTCO’s Development

Through this coordination the development staff at TUTCO are able to continually create systems to best meet customer and market needs. TUTCO’s development staff has been able to directly communicate with customers and have even been part of customer development teams that are responsible for creating new customer products incorporating open coil electric heat. This intimate knowledge of the industry have allowed TUTCO’s development personnel to create innovative systems that have enhanced the entire open coil heating industry.

A Legacy of Innovation & Safety

Over its 30 plus year history, TUTCO personnel have concentrated upon creating developments that improve the product life, product safety of its offerings to the industry. As a result TUTCO’s development group has brought new heating element alloys innovative heating element support ceramics to the marketplace. As a result of its development efforts TUTCO holds over 30 US and foreign patents relating to the open coil heating element industry.

Products Offered

  • Process Air Heaters including closed-loop; threaded in-line; and Skorpion Heaters.
  • Custom Specialty Heaters
  • Replacement Heating Elements