About Hubbell-Acme

Hubbell Incorporated was founded in 1888 by American inventor and entrepreneur, Harvey Hubbell II, who seized on the opportunities created by the commercial availability of electric power and the advent of the lightbulb. His pioneering patents like the “pull chain lamp socket” and “separable plug and receptacle” dramatically changed the way people lived and worked, catapulting Hubbell into an era of innovation, creating never seen before products and solutions for a rapidly growing customer base.

We continue our legacy of innovation as a leading manufacturer of utility and electrical solutions which enable our customers to operate critical infrastructure safely, reliably, and efficiently. We remain focused on delivering high quality, dependable products, supported by knowledgeable customer care teams, and delivered to our end-consumers through a vast network of channel partners, distributors, and retailers.

Products Offered

  • Active Filter Transformers
  • Drive Isolation Transformers
  • Customer Solutions/OEM Transformers
  • Power Quality/Power Solutions with active filters


Power Quality Solutions

APEX Active Filter