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Dynamic Electronics Manages Development and Production of Infant Hearing Scanner

Circuit Works expertise of “Box-Build” projects proves a perfect fit  

A napkin sketch was the beginning of an exciting project where Dynamic Electronics facilitated the design of an infant hearing scanner which has become the standard for infant hearing testing worldwide.

The idea for the scanner came from the owner of a medical equipment supply manufacturer which supplies components to the hearing aid industry. He recognized the need for a scanner that would detect hearing loss in infants. Over lunch, he shared his idea with a Dynamic Electronics sales engineer. That engineer recognized that Circuit Works would be a perfect fit for the project.

Bringing together the manufacturer and Circuit Works, Dynamic Electronics co-developed the design and managed the project overseeing the production of the final product. The result is an ergonomically appealing, technologically advanced product that allows children to benefit from early detection of hearing loss.

Dynamic Electronics Manages re-design of Automatic Door Control

A world leader in the Security and Access Solutions industry came to Dynamic Electronics for help in redesigning an automatic door control to enhance quality, functionality and warranty issues.

Dynamic Electronics enlisted technology partner BB7, as well as manufacturing partner Circuit Works Corporation to redesign, build and test the completed unit. A failure mode analysis was conducted and determined that a partial redesign was required to meet functional capabilities and to abide to UL and ETL Standards. Dynamic Electronics then worked with both companies to update the electronics. Upon approval of the design, a Design For Manufacturability (DFM) was completed. Dynamic Electronics is now overseeing the manufacturing from two different global locations of the enhanced automatic doors.

This project is a great example of Dynamic Electronics capability in managing a complete “Box Build” project.

Dynamic Electronics applies FLEXIBAR to a Large Engineered System

Reduces Manufacturing Time and Improves Efficiency of Customer’s Control Cabinet

Dynamic Electronics’ expertise with large engineered systems benefited a large surface mining equipment manufacturer.  Their flexible wires were difficult to install and were causing field failures because of a lack of rigidity. Dynamic Electronics sales engineers recognized that ERICO FLEXIBAR was the perfect product to solve both issues and introduced the product to the customer providing engineered CAD drawings and parts for a sample installation. The customer recognized the benefits immediately and moved quickly to replace their old flexible connectors (approximately 60-pieces-per-cabinet) with pre-formed, made-to-order pieces from ERICO.

FLEXIBAR’s superior current-carry-capacity allows a smaller cross section of conductor to be used in a given application and since connecting holes are punched directly into the end of the FLEXIBAR, it eliminated the need for lugs.

ERICO FLEXIBAR ® is an excellent choice for customers who want to simplify their wiring and improve the quality of their electrical cabinets. For systems more than 200 amps, FLEXIBAR ® reduces the number of conductors and electrical connections eliminating the need for multiple conductors and lugs at each end of the connector.

Dynamic Electronics Retrofits Extrusion Line with Dynisco’s OPT-TROL System

Allows Customers to Retrieve Data and Reproduce the Process on a Consistent Basis

A high end medical disposable device manufacturing facility was operating with outdated technology that no longer met the requirements of the medical industry.

In order to retrofit this extrusion line, Dynamic Electronics worked with one of its manufacturing partners to assess the process and offer a proposal. After reviewing the entire extrusion system, Dynamic identified that data collection and full machine control capability were critical to the success of retrofitting this five-layer extrusion line. Dynisco’s OPT-TROL System was suggested to update the system and solve the issues.

The OPT-TROL system is a low-cost modular polymer melt control system which gives users the ability to precisely control pressure and temperature on most extrusion lines. It offers adaptive, auto-tuned temperature, pressure and speed control as well as differential pressure control and process-variable trending from a user-friendly color touch-screen operator interface.

Dynamic Electronics and its manufacturing partner, in conjunction with Dynisco, won the contract to retrofit the customer’s five-layer extrusion line with the new OPT-TROL advanced technology product. The result is a more sophisticated control package that allows the customer to retrieve stored data and to reproduce the process on a consistent basis.

Dynamic Electronics Meets Customer’s Control Needs

With technology moving at warp speed Athena has developed a new line of flexible controls known as the Foundation Series. These microprocess based controls are customized via software to meet customer needs for switching heaters, solenoid valves and to perform data logging and machine diagnostics.

A Dynamic Electronics customer wanted to enhance its current product line with more functionality, utilize new technologies and reduce the size of their control boards. So Dynamic Electronics, Athena Controls, along with the end customer drew out a roadmap via an engineering document commonly referred to as an “SRS” (System Requirement Specification).

To facilitate this process, Dynamic Electronics worked closely with the director of engineering and software development.

The end result is that Athena Controls is able to offer a control solution that will be used in mold temperature control units and portable chillers. It is also able to enhance the plastics molding process in products such as CDs for MP3 players, medical devices and automotive capacities.

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